God’s Garlands

Tree moss fires my imagination.  On Halloween it looked spooky enough to move me to write a blog post about it.   As we approach Christmas it stops looking spooky and begins to look festive.  I was walking along the Mosquito Cover Trail and saw a line of green tinged white moss strung between boughs of green needles and thought pre-decorated Christmas tree.  God’s garland.  A little further on I saw clumps of flossy moss stuck to branches and and thought angel hair.  I’m very suggestable.   And while tinsel is supposed to suggest icicles, from now forward I will think tree moss.  I couldn’t shake the image as I walked the Starrigavan Estuary trail or the Totem Trail in Sitka National Historical Park, and I couldn’t stop taking pictures.  I collected 24 of them for this blog post.

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