Thoughts on Boxing Day

Christmas Eve is usually a busy day for me.  Tradition is that I do my Christmas Shopping on the 24th.  I have finally learned that I should do most of it before then but some traditions I can’t let go of and I have to make that last appearance at Old Harbor Books to buy that last present on the afternoon of the 24th.  Then I am putting the final touches on The Battery Exchange, a radio program I do every Christmas Eve on Raven Radio.  And usually there is at least one party where I make an early entrance and exit on my way to the radio station.

This year there was no party and unlike in the ‘old days’ I am not spending hours in the record library pulling records and noting down the cut number so I can more easily find the song I want when on the air.  Now I put the playlist together on a computer, get into the station 15 minutes early, load it into the computer, get the weather, put on the tea, take a deep breath and I’m off.  This year there are also no kids or grandkids in the studio helping me handle telephones so the program had a more random nature than it sometimes has.

But Christmas Eve was a beautiful day and I prepared for the Battery Exchange walking the Mosquito Cove trail and thinking about the stories I would tell, organizing thoughts and transitions.  Then I visited several sites for one of the best sunsets of the year, Totem Park, Whale Park and my own living room.  It was one of those long solstice sunsets that went on for over an hour, showing all sorts of moods, faces and colors.

As we enjoy reading our Christmas books, playing those games we got for Christmas or savoring the left over ham or turkey on Boxing Day,  and it is beautiful day that will prompt a good long walk, here are some pictures from sunset/moonrise Christmas Eve.

3 thoughts on “Thoughts on Boxing Day

  1. Looking forward to another year of looking at your pictures and reading and listening to your stories, Rich.

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