Surfin’ in a Wintery Mix

This afternoon I looked out my window and saw a nice sucker hole opening up very quickly so I jumped on it.

On my way to Starrigavan I stopped at Sandy Beach to watch the surfers and the waves rolling in after the storm we had overnight.  Then I headed to Starrigavan.

The first part of my walk on the Starrigavan estuary trail had some blue skies and had a nice first half of a walk.  Then we got what the Weather Bureau calls a “wintery mix.” This is not savory seasoned Chex cereal mixed with dried cranberries, m&ms, and butterscotch chips. It is a mix of precipitations.  It started as sleet.  The swans, who were swimming serenely (always away from me, at least out of camera range) objected with loud honking. I got to the car and ithe pelting of the sleet drummed on the roof, it was loud but the wipers swept it away so I could see.   Then it got quiet as the snow softly replaced the sleet. By the time I got to the post office to pick up the mail it was raining.  By the time I got home, sleet again. No pretty sunsets today.

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