Waiting For Alaska Day

October is a good month to leave Southeast Alaska.  It rains all the time, at least it used to.  The last couple of years we have had some surprisingly good weather in October, like this year.  But the joke is that the Russians wanted out before October was over and the Americans were gullible enough to take the bait.  October 18 is Alaska Day, the day we commemorate the transfer of Alaska from Russian to American “sovereignty.”  I put that in quotes because no one consulted the people who actually have lived here almost forever and who have a good actual claim of sovereignty. 

But every 18th of October we commemorate the day.  And while the 17th was a fine and sunny day, and unseasonably warm, temps in the mid-60s, about 14 degrees above “normal,” whatever THAT means these days, the forecast for tomorrow is blowin’ 40 and rain.  The forecast says used the words “Hurricane Force.”

Leandra Baker wrote a parody of “Autumn in New York” – “Autumn in Southeast”

“Shimmering Clouds in 40 knot winds and 60-foot seas,

“Are making me feel I’m home.”

“Autumn in Southeast brings the promise of new mud”

“Autumn in Southeast is often mingled with rain.”

The festivities started over the weekend.  The “Keystone Kops” were sworn in and started selling buttons.  The Theme this year is “Caring for our Elders.” 

There was the annual Brisket and Ribs cookoff competition along with a “Brew Cruise” sponsored by the Historical Society.

Two combos from the Army Band performed in the net drying shed on the docks.  One was a brass ensemble playing a mix of jazz, funk and second line and the second was “Avalanche” the 11th Airborne’s rock band.  The kids were joyful in their dancing.

And the Coastguard practiced for their airborne search and rescue demonstration for the 18th.  They may have more of a challenge than they bargained for.

We hope to be at the parade and some of the other events, if we don’t blow away.  Happy Alaska Day!

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