Alaska Day Parade 2022 (more pics)

The joke in Sitka is that the Russians did not want to spend another rainy October in Sitka so sold it to the Americans and pulled out on October 18, 1867.  That’s why we celebrate Alaska Day.  Of course, the people who really owned Alaska were not consulted but we’ll get to that in another post.

While Alaska Day is on October 18 a good number of Alaska Days have surprisingly good weather with newly snowcapped peaks providing a backdrop for the parade.  Not this year.  While it was not pouring down rain I was shooting through a fine mist, the mountains a dark loom in the background.  No snow on top because of record warm temperatures. But spirits were high, and everyone got all the candy and bananas they could possibly eat. (To understand this, click here.)

One thing that was different this year was that there were no Native Alaska groups participating in the parade (but lots in the crowd).  No Mt. Edgecumbe Yupik Dancers, no local native dancers and no folks marching in regalia.  I wonder?

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  1. Thanks, Rich. I don’t think anyone here in Ketchikan even knows it’s a holiday. I remember our first year here I took an annual day off from work to celebrate (like I did in Sitka). I was so surprised that there is no celebration here. Love your posts. Still missing Sitka.

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