Winter Sunsets From My Perch

Suzi and I are skipping the rest of the winter.  We’ll attempt to complete the circumnavigation we started in 2020 when our world cruise was interrupted in Australia, and we were sent packing back to Sitka and quarantine and then the COVID restrictions that we all endured. 

I suspect Holland America thinks that they may have been too generous in the amount of compensatory credit they gave everyone.  Many of the same cruise mates (taking advantage of those credits) and many of the same crew will meet in Fort Lauderdale on January 3 to give it another go.

While I won’t miss the ice underfoot or black ice under tire. I do like winter in Sitka, especially from my home, where I have good sunset views from about mid-September to mid-March.  That means that we will exchange half of our sunsets this season for a wonderful adventure.  But the sunsets we did get were inspiring.  We are so fortunate. 

Here is a collection of sunsets in November and December from my window and our deck from my aerie overlooking south southeast over Jamestown Bay.

3 thoughts on “Winter Sunsets From My Perch

  1. Wow, this are beautiful, some are awesome and amazing. Hanks for sharing .
    We a into the New Year here in Nova Scotia for an hour and a half now. So I hope you have a very Happy New Year and I will continue reading your blog of the World Cruise. So happy sailing and we’ll pray that this year of 2023 that HAL will be able to complete their voyage .

  2. My God. Those are stunning photographs. Mother Nature is absolutely incredible. Thanks for posting.

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