September Turning.

On September 1 the sun sets at 286 degrees so can’t see sunset from my house but I can certainly see it’s affects from my deck.  I can actually first see the sun set, that is go behind the north side of Mt. Edgecumbe on Sept 16 when it sets at 276 degrees.  From my porch it looks like it drops into the crater of Mt Edgecombe on Sept 18 when it sets at 274 degrees.  From Sept 16 until March 26 I will am able to watch the sun drop below the horizon, weather permitting.   On September 1 the sun set at 7:57.  On Sept 30 it set at 6:37, an hour and 20 minutes earlier.  On September 1 the day was 13 hours 53 minutes long, by September 30 the day was 11 hours 34 minutes long.  It is a nice compensation for me to be able to see the sunsets in the half of the year when the days are shortest.

September 2018 was unusually nice and we had a lot of spectacular sunsets.  These photos were all taken from my deck.  In a companion post I will show pics  I took from other parts of town, including looking back at alpenglow.

I did not get pictures every day of the month.  Some days I was in other parts of town, for four days I was out of Sitka and some days the clouds obscured the sunset.

The first set of pictures are from before the sun goes down within my view.

This pic is from the day before I could see the ball fall below the horizon from my deck


Sept 15

And this gallery is pics from September 16 through Sept 30 when the whole sunset was visible from my deck.

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