2023 Grand World Voyage, MS Zuiderdam!

Here are the posts from this year’s cruise, so far! Please keep checking back for more.

Am I Excited Yet?

Sailing Away from the Sunset.

Who Was that Masked Man Anyway

Potemkin Jamaica

When in Costa Rica do as the …

Martyr’s Night Out.

A Man, A Plan, A Canal, Panama…

Panama City from a Distance

Two Faces of Panama

Pictures on a Wall in Panama


Shadows on Teak

Sea Interludes, (First Movement)

Nuka Hiva Redux

Chinese New Year with Ukuleles

To Venus and Beyond

Day Zero

Ra’iatea Through Suzi’s Eyes

Splendid Isolation

Posted Postcards (Tonga)

St Jude or St. Anthony?

Welcome Home!

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