A QM2 Photo Gallery

This post is mostly pictures of the QM2.  Just a few notes.  In the elevator lobbies Cunard has produced several museum style interpretive placards that depict the history of trans-Atlantic crossings.  The midship display on our cabin deck dealt with an event that drew together the two lines that make Cunard, Cunard and White Star, the Titanic sinking.  I like the placard on the radio operator, who was so busy sending radio grams for passengers that he told the ship warning him of icebergs ahead to “shut up.”  I also like the depictions of Carpathia, the Cunarder that came to the rescue and Captain Arthur Rostron’s decisions. 

Other shots are from around the ship. 

One more post to go, a Crossing Coda.

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  1. Wonderful photos of the fabulous ship that we took many times. Glad you have had a joyous time with family

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