Jurassic Jungle Gym

OK I am about 100 million years off, but I liked the alliteration.  The Giant’s Causeway is a formation of hexagonal rock pillars that reach out into the sea.  The formations were caused by molten lava flowing over chalk beds 60 million years ago and then colling from top to bottom and from bottom to top causing the rock, as it cooled to fracture.  No I don’t understand it either.  But Lonely Planet says to imagine mud that cracks into patterns as it dries. 

In myth the causeway was caused by giants.  The Irish legend is that giant Finn (Fion) McCool built the causeway to get to Scotland to do battle with the Scottish Giant Benandonner.  Benandonner chased Finn back to Ireland and then retreated pulling up the causeway behind him.  There are similar rock formations in Scotland.

Today thousands of people clamber over the hexagonal rock formations.  We first visited 55 years ago and there were no crowds.  When we brought the kids here 38 years ago there were more people but no crowded parking lots.  Today there is a visitor center and lots of visitors.

But the important thing remains.  Kids love to climb on the rocks.  

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