The Causeway Coast of Antrim.

We spent two days on the Causeway Coast, the north coast of County Antrim.  Much of that time we spent at the Giant’s Causeway itself but we spent time driving the roads and enjoying the scenery.  We stayed at a bed & breakfast near Ballycastle on a working sheep farm.  We enjoyed talking with the family and watching the family work the sheep.  They have a sheep dog that they like a lot.  The only problem is that it is afraid of sheep.  So it runs around with them while they are working the sheep but mostly they herd the animals using a four wheeler ATV. 

The coast has rugged headlands, sandy beached, attractive towns, pleasant glens and lots of sheep.

One of the highlights of our kid’s trip to Ireland in 1985 was building drip castles on the beach, so we did that this time with grandkids.  Not many pictures because I was in the sand building them myself and not taking pictures.  The tide was coming in and the grandkids, two of whom are inlanders, learned a little more about tides.   

So much for words, time for pictures.

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