Eagle Release

When Bald Eagles encounter problems, often caused by interaction with humans, the Alaska Raptor Rehabilitation Center patches them up, helps them regain strength in flight barns, and releases them  The Alaska Raptor Rehabilitation Center, in its first release of 2015, set free four eagles today.  There were supposed to be five but one failed its pre-flight physical.

Precious-Vicious is a juvenile who came to the center.  As a juvenile it did not know much about being a successful eagle.  It picked up skills in the center and went from being a sweet baby to an aggressive juvenile.  First name Precious, it acquired its second name as it progressed.  It was the first eagle to take flight.

The second two eagles came from Juneau.  They had fed on the carcass of a euthanized pet and ended up poisoned themselves.  They came to the center sleepy and logy.  It only took a short time for them to recover and be ready for release.  They took to flight in the muskeg behind the center and were off.

Clyde had a broken wing and his takeoff was a little more difficult.  He first tried to fly (he had been flying in the training barn) and he fell on his chest.  After shaking it off Clyde took off into the rain.

The herring in Sitka Sound have four more mouths to feed.



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