He Is Not Here

Matthew 28:6

April 11, 2020, Sitka, Alaska

One of the trails I regularly walk was “Easter Bombed.”  The shells you see in the pictures were scattered, but scattered carefully.  They made my walk on Thursday delightful.  They were a message of hope in a time of lockdown and uncertainty.  Whether you believe in the literal resurrection, view the resurrection as a metaphor for seasonal rebirth or you don’t believe it at all, it’s always good to see a message of hope, a promise of rebirth. 

I don’t know if they were part of some sort of “Easter egg hunt” for kids who would soon follow to scoop them up or just a message for folks like me.  But I do know that when I came back along the same trail 24 hours later, they were gone.   Perhaps it was appropriate they were gone on Good Friday, the promise at Thursday’s table followed by Friday’s trial and crucifixion and then…

No matter what your beliefs we all need the promise of renewal, of resurrection.  And that IS the promise.  As Gordon Bok sings, “The World is Always Turning Toward the Morning.”

Happy Easter. 

“He is Risen, He is Risen Indeed.”

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