A Fine Summer Day in Alaska.

Last week we were in Anchorage for a week of medical tests.  The Anchorage Sleep clinic was full so they sent me up to Wasilla.  Hitting the road was wonderful.  We started at Eklutna to look at the Spirit Houses and then detoured up a glacial river with its milky blue water, through Hatcher Pass before going to Wasilla and a hotel (Suzi stayed there, I “slept” at the clinic.)

Hatcher Pass is home of the historic Independence Mine.  It was a fine day.  We started with blue skies, which changed gradually as a storm rolled in, watching the restless sky.  Then we got to Wasilla we enjoyed the hotel deck overlooking Louise Lake.  I would have liked to have had dinner there but the restaurant was closed.  Perhaps it was a good thing because by the time we got a pizza from another place we were caught in a fast-moving thunderstorm.  The next morning Suzi picked me up at the clinic at 5:30 and I took a nap.  You never really sleep during a sleep study, not when they hook you up to all sorts of electrodes, nasal probes, and chest and abdominal belts to measure brain waves, breathing, temperature, blood oxygen, heart function and, I don’t know, erotic dreams?  They hook you up then they tell you to sleep normally.   I slept for three hours at the hotel after the study before we drove back to Anchorage to catch the plane home.

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  1. Looks like they wired and plumbed you quite thoroughly. Hope all the follow-up turns as positive as it can be. Take care and keep on keeping on.

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