Who Knows What Evil Lurks in the Heart of Man? — Stardust Ball 2015

Halloween night brought out Sitkans in their finest costumes.  Many made it to Raven Radio’s Stardust Ball at the Odess Theater on the Sitka Fine Arts Campus.  Here is the first tranche of pictures from the ball.  I have 3 postings, 90 pictures in all.  You can click on the link to see tranches two and three. My job was to wander around the hall … Continue reading Who Knows What Evil Lurks in the Heart of Man? — Stardust Ball 2015

Endangered Species Spotted in Sitka

This afternoon on my walk I encountered a rare and endangered species in Sitka, an Alaska Marine Highway ship. The state has proposed a reduced ferry schedule to save money.   The schedule includes laying up three ferries all next summer.  The state will have to pay for insurance and a skeleton crew to lay up those ferries.   Money spent that will provide NO service to … Continue reading Endangered Species Spotted in Sitka

Surrounded by Acres of Whales

Saturday we took an Allen Marine Tour from Crescent Harbor.  They are offered every Saturday for folks not on a cruise ship.  We went to St. Lazaria with Captain Steve Campbell.  On the way to and from St. Lazaria Steve found us several whales feeding, they were all around us.  The sun hit some of them so we had whalebows.  The spout refracted the light, separating the … Continue reading Surrounded by Acres of Whales

A Sitka Summer Day (June 23, 2015)

June 23, 2015 was a beautiful Sitka summer day.  We walked the docks, went on the Sitka Conservation Society Salmon cruise watching different salmon hunters, including an eagle sitting on a branch that hardly looked like it could hold her.  She dove after a fish that jumped in front of Redoubt Falls and missed.  A gill netter, perhaps had better luck in Deep Inlet.   The … Continue reading A Sitka Summer Day (June 23, 2015)

Earth Day Sitka, 2015

Wednesday was Earth Day but much of the celebration is happening in Sitka this weekend.  Today (after school) we had the 14th annual Parade of Species.  Kids dress up as their favorite animal or plant to crawl, slither, run or cross pollinate down Lincoln Street.  At the beginning of the parade route representatives of the 4 H club and the Sitka Conservation Society interview the … Continue reading Earth Day Sitka, 2015

Eagle Release

When Bald Eagles encounter problems, often caused by interaction with humans, the Alaska Raptor Rehabilitation Center patches them up, helps them regain strength in flight barns, and releases them  The Alaska Raptor Rehabilitation Center, in its first release of 2015, set free four eagles today.  There were supposed to be five but one failed its pre-flight physical. Precious-Vicious is a juvenile who came to the … Continue reading Eagle Release

The Great Spring Sitka Sound Bio-mass Festival.

March brings life to Sitka Sound.  When the herring come in everyone follows, by air, in the sea and under the sea.  The eagles, gulls, whales, sea lions and fishermen all congregate to celebrate the great spring biomass festival and feast on what the Sound provides.  I love this time of year, herring mean spring. This year’s herring fishery is not the rodeo that we … Continue reading The Great Spring Sitka Sound Bio-mass Festival.