…coming back to civilization.

An essay on returning to Sitka: When I first moved to Sitka relatives and friends, especially relatives, would ask “when are you coming back to civilization.”  Back more than 35 years ago you could forgive them for asking that question.  Often they could not get calls through to us, the circuits were all busy, especially like days like today, Father’s Day.  When they did get … Continue reading …coming back to civilization.

Log Rolling in Pursuit of an Oceangoing Canoe

Since January I have been watching Steve Brown build a Tlingit ocean going dugout canoe out of a single red cedar log at Sitka National Historical Park.  Steve has been working with “apprentices” Tommy Joseph, T.J. Young, Jerrod Galanin and Nick Galanin.  What an amazing group of “apprentices,” each a master in his own right.   I have been documenting it almost daily on Facebook and … Continue reading Log Rolling in Pursuit of an Oceangoing Canoe

A Sitka Summer Day (June 23, 2015)

June 23, 2015 was a beautiful Sitka summer day.  We walked the docks, went on the Sitka Conservation Society Salmon cruise watching different salmon hunters, including an eagle sitting on a branch that hardly looked like it could hold her.  She dove after a fish that jumped in front of Redoubt Falls and missed.  A gill netter, perhaps had better luck in Deep Inlet.   The … Continue reading A Sitka Summer Day (June 23, 2015)

Earth Day Sitka, 2015

Wednesday was Earth Day but much of the celebration is happening in Sitka this weekend.  Today (after school) we had the 14th annual Parade of Species.  Kids dress up as their favorite animal or plant to crawl, slither, run or cross pollinate down Lincoln Street.  At the beginning of the parade route representatives of the 4 H club and the Sitka Conservation Society interview the … Continue reading Earth Day Sitka, 2015

Eagle Release

When Bald Eagles encounter problems, often caused by interaction with humans, the Alaska Raptor Rehabilitation Center patches them up, helps them regain strength in flight barns, and releases them  The Alaska Raptor Rehabilitation Center, in its first release of 2015, set free four eagles today.  There were supposed to be five but one failed its pre-flight physical. Precious-Vicious is a juvenile who came to the … Continue reading Eagle Release

Old Sitka, November 15, 3 AM, 24 Degrees

I follow the NOAA Aurora website that shows images of where the Aurora is expected in the next hour.  A couple of days ago I read about a magnetic storm heading our way.  I kept my eye on the NOAA page.  At about 1:30 the website told me what was coming so I headed out to Old Sitka, beyond Sitka’s lights and stayed until about … Continue reading Old Sitka, November 15, 3 AM, 24 Degrees

Sitka’s Holiday Market, 2013.

The holiday season has come to Sitka.  The city’s decorations went up just before Thanksgiving (allowing the electrical crews to have some time off on Friday).  I did the Good Day Radio Show on Thanksgiving Morning and enjoyed seeing the decorations as I drove to the station.  Friday we went on the Gallery Walk looking at work of local artists.  One of the things I … Continue reading Sitka’s Holiday Market, 2013.

Pink Salmon Run, Sitka, Alaska, August 2013

2013 may be a record year for pink (humpback) salmon.  On August 1 Thousands of Salmon wait for the tide to turn at the mouth of Starigavan Creek before they begin their final fatal swim that holds the promise for the future. Other pictures taken at Indian River, that is where the fish are spawning in the gravel and the Sitka Sound Science Center Hatchery where … Continue reading Pink Salmon Run, Sitka, Alaska, August 2013